Minggu, 05 Oktober 2014

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Children bathroom can be other space to them for express their creativity. Every day, when they take a bath and brush the teeth can be a time to express their personality. The Bathroom Accessories Ideas for children should be attractive and functional for them. That will make the children has a willing to keep neat the bathroom.

The painted border of mirror can be Bathroom Accessories Ideas for the children. You can apply your children’s favorite color to the mirror border. Buy the less border mirror and wood siding to frame it. Let your children choose their favorite color before hang the mirror on the wall.

Basket is also available in the children bathroom. It can be functioned to keep the children bath toys. Try to choose the suitable container that match with the bathroom theme. The example you can take a metal pail and paint in matching décor such as ocean blue for the beach theme. It can be functioned to place the bath supply, cloth hamper or wash cloth. You can also use a fish bowl to place the children toothbrush.  Place a mouthwash in mini bottle over the bar or bath counter and hang the bath sponge on the area of bathtub.

Applying personal artwork will be a good choice. You can also hang a photo or an artwork such as their painting that they are created with crayon to make their proud for their creativity. You can also insert a message in attractive frame. Let your children choose the favorite frame shades. Apply the bright color in the center small children bathroom will help to create a larger impression.
You can also paint the wall in wall sticker. It is removable and able to stick directly on the tile or painted wall. Choose the wall sticker that matching with your children favorite theme. For the accessories you can add cartoon character. Try to apply the paint that resistant with the humidity. Apply a certain color that able to work together with others color theme and scheme. Other Bathroom Accessories Ideas are buying the towel, toothbrush holder and shower curtain that coordinate with the children bathroom.

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