Minggu, 05 Oktober 2014

Kitchen Countertops Granite in Tuscan Kitchen design

Granite is a natural stone that available. Kitchen countertops granite is the best choice among the others. It comes in various design and color. Muted color of granite is coordinate with any palette such as white, gold, beige or gray. The most popular colors are gold and beige. It is easy to decorate. The neutral and muted granite is good to pair with granite in deep color such as black. Granite is also available in vibrant color such as green red and blue. The green is various, you can select from the dark until the bright. The red will bring a romantic nuance for the kitchen. Granite in deep colors will bring a luxurious. It is able to create a kitchen in profound influence.

The golden color of granite will bring a Tuscan feel. It is sticking, warm, beautiful and looks brighter. It will blend well with tile floor of Mediterranean terracotta. Interior in olive green and distressed cabinet will complete them. It is also suitable taking a deeper color to create a contrast. Kitchen countertop with granite is natural to combine with backsplash in Tuscany tile. The tile that full of color is available for pattern or mural. To decorate the kitchen countertops granite in Tuscan kitchen, it is a good idea to pair with granite sink. The sink of French farmhouse style may suitable. It is big and deep. It will available for big pot.

The other way to decorate the kitchen countertops granite in Tuscan kitchen is using warm color. It is the easy and simple way to create a welcome and comfortable nuance. Red, brown and lush green are favorite for this kitchen style. Purple and gray are also available. Commonly, the wall is yellow or gold to create warmth. Lighting is also important to create mood. Some Tuscan home applies the antique lighting to create mood. You can hang a chandelier on the dining table to create a dramatic appearance. For the darker space, place a small lamp to light the corner. Brick and stone will add the element of rustic kitchen in your kitchen.

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